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QDC is the one-stop dental care destination which provides comprehensive and highly personalized treatment in all aspects of dentistry, i.e. preventive, remedial and rehabilitative. Dental care instructions, counseling and motivation is an integral component of preventive dentistry.
Dental disease assessment in terms of dental caries, gum disease and other oral diseases followed by definitive preventive protocols are carried out. In addition, for kids, we offer sealant application and topical fluoride application in high caries prone cases for reducing the decay incidence. Periodic oral prophylaxis and oral hygiene measures for individuals prone to gum disease are also carried out.
Our therapeutic specialties includes root canal treatment, ceramic crowns, metal free ceramic restorations and crowns, treatment for gum diseases like flap surgery, gingival curettage, periodontal bone grafting, gum correction and colour modification.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (rct or endodontics as it is commonly known) is a dental procedure by which a painful/symptomatic teeth with extensive/moderate decay can be saved, thereby extending the life span of natural dentition. This treatment procedure is sometimes done in teeth with excessive wear so as to facilitate rehabilitation of such teeth with crowns and bridges, thus enhancing the function of the dentition.
The treatment procedure basically consists of removal of the decay, followed by removal of the damaged or dead pulp from within the tooth roots. Next, the root canals are cleaned up, enlarged by specialized instruments to make it sterile. Finally, the sterile root canal is filled by an inert biocompatible material, which creates a condition favorable to healing. At quality dental care, a trained and qualified Endodontist uses hi-tech rotary instruments and digital radiography to carry out root this procedure. So the patient will have to spend only minimum time and the procedure is painless.

Crown and Bridge

Crowns are full coverage restoration done to reinforce badly broken down or worn out teeth, so that they perform to the optimal level in function, thereby minimizing the chance of tooth fracture.
We provide numerous options to our patients regarding crowns.
Crowns with different types of materials such as Metal Free Ceramic, Porcelain Fused to Metal, Non Precious Alloys are
fabricated in a state of art dental lab, which are then cemented onto the prepared tooth surface.
Bridges are fixed means of replacing teeth, which has been extracted for various reasons earlier. The missing teeth are replaced by artificial teeth made of different material (Metal free ceramics, Porcelain fused to metal, Full metal, Metal with acrylic facing). The bridge consist of the artificial tooth / teeth (pontic) and the part which is cemented (crown) onto a prepared adjacent teeth (abutment) .
When cemented into place, the artificial teeth will perform in function and gives an appearance of natural dentition.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry – smile correction/designing, teeth bleaching, minor oral surgery procedures like removal of impacted 3rd molars, cysts removal.
Cosmetic dentistry is all about achieving that pleasing smile. Teeth with bad shape, colour, size and gap in between, can be cosmetically corrected by using tooth colored fillings material (composites) and ceramic crowns and veneers. Achieving the best results requires expertise
and advanced dental equipments. In this respect, QDC, is one of the state of the art centers in this part of the globe. Our restorative specialists keep abreast of the latest developments so that our patients are fully benefited. We are well stocked with a vast collection of cosmetic material tol suit every need and make your smile completely natural.

Tooth Whitening

Many of us do not have bright teeth by birth. Some of us have yellowish teeth or slightly brownish hue. Get these teeth brighter by tooth whitening.
We offer many variants of tooth whitening, which includes in-office bleaching, at our chair side or take home night bleaching which you yourself can do it at home by following the instructions.

Removal of Impacted Thirds Molars

The last tooth in the dental arch erupts late into the oral cavity. Often there will be lack of space for these teeth to move into the mouth. These teeth get impacted onto the adjacent teeth / bone which can lead to decay and food impaction.
These conditions require removal of the impacted teeth by a minor surgical procedure under local anesthesia.
Our oral surgery team lead by our oral and maxillofacial surgeon is experts in these procedures.
Other minor surgical procedures such as Apicoectomy, Removal of minor cysts and tumors, Soft tissue injury repair are also undertaken with much care.

Denture Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of few or all missing teeth can at times be achieved only by removable prosthesis. Cast partial Denture and Complete Denture are utilized for these situations.
Best quality materials and skillful manipulation play a major role in fabrication of these prosthesis.
Our well equipped lab makes our prosthesis one of the best in the region.

Tooth Jewellery

Flash a smile which is fashionable. Tooth Jewellery ( a diamond or a stone attached to the tooth surface ) enhances your personality. The tooth jewellery is securely bonded with a certified dental adhesive to tooth enamel. At our clinic we use strict procedures for correct placement, adhesion and sterilization methods that protects your safety and investment.

Preventive Sealing (Pit & Fissure Sealant)

Prevention is better than cure. In kids who are prone to dental decay a sealant (clear coating) is applied onto the tooth surface. This layer provides protection, keeping out plaque and food, greatly decreasing the chance of tooth decay. Sealant application to posterior teeth where it is often difficult to clean with a toothbrush has been documented to decrease the rate of tooth decay.