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Since its inception quality dental care is changing the face of basic dental treatment, with a mission to provide quality dental care at affordable cost to its patients.
Through our core values, our commitment to current education and techniques, investment in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, we live up to our motto: "patient comes first."
“It is our purpose to provide care to our patients as if they were part of our family.”
We think of our patients as one among - our family, friends, neighbors and the people we live and work with in our community. Our intention is to provide you with the same level of comfort and care that you would provide us in your offices and homes.
The center is open from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm on all days except Sundays. The clinic extend a range of treatment facilities from general dentistry to specialists under one roof, ensuring quality dental care at affordable cost, especially in today’s age of HIV and hepatitis.
This clinic caters to your needs with state of the art equipments. The clinic conforms to the highest standards in dental care.
Sterilization and disinfection have been our first priority. Dental sterilization processes adhering to international standards have been incorporated.
Good dental health is a part and parcel of total well being of an individual. Regular dental check up plays a major role in achieving and maintaining optimal dental health. A good dental team is a prerequisite for making this possible in a pleasant way.
We at Quality Dental Care understand that many patients have anxieties and apprehensions regarding dental treatment. This could be reflection of their unpleasant childhood experiences. Our team strives hard to make you feel comfortable which in turn restore your confidence. All of us expect our dentist to be friendly, able and utmost caring. It won't take long for you to evaluate a dentist. In fact, you can understand a lot on your very first visit. We welcome a stranger but will surely send back a friend.
Since its very inception, the clinic has a marked recognition of providing best dental care to its patients - be it preventive, restorative, rehabilitation or aesthetic.
At Quality Dental Care we treat you with undivided attention. Every one seeking our service will be given a thorough examination followed by a clear explanation of the problem. The different treatment modalities available for the same will be discussed so that our patients also play a role in their treatment planning.
Our team of well qualified specialists who are eminent and known for their clinical acumen in their respective disciplines provide a complete dental care to the patients under one roof.
The clinic's emphasis remains not only in treating dental diseases but also effectively make the patients smile without inhibition with the beautiful set of natural / artificial teeth.
With a goal to serve the patient with the best dental care possible in the most comfortable settings, the treatment protocol at Quality Dental Care is created with patients comfort, safety and health in mind.