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A state-of-the-art clinic furnished with the latest equipment form the backbone of our establishment. Quality rather than quantity is what we invest in. We take great pride in keeping abreast of the technical and procedural advancements in the field.
No expense is spared when it comes to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the client.
Some of the dental equipment we use are :-

Benefit to the Patient
Kodak Trophy Digital Radiography System
Very minimal radiation in comparison to conventional X-ray system.
Images can be modified and enhanced if needed to facilitate error-free diagnosis and treatment plan.
X-ray image is displayed on the attached monitor and this aids in helping the patient understand the treatment modalities.
Hex Intra-Oral Camera
Real life pictures of the dental condition displayed on the attached monitor.
Helps in better understanding of the disease process making the patient part of the treatment plan.
Pre-treatment images can be captured and stored and can then be compared with the post-treatment pictures.
Fibre-Optic High Torque Handpieces
Enables smooth and precise drilling.
Produces less vibration and thus a more comfortable patient experience during the procedure.
Visualisation of the operating field using the fibre optic light produces better treatment result in certain dental procedures.
Piezoelectric Scaler
For highly efficient oral prophylaxis and subgingival scaling.
Causes minimal disturbance during scaling.
Fully Electronic Dental Chair
Ergonomically designed.
Improves patient comfort.
Almost fatigue-free after the procedure.

QDC deals only with reputed dental manufacturer with accreditations from ADA and CE. Materials with undisputed track record of its reliability and longevity are selected and used. Locally unable materials are imported from the best international suppliers, for instance Kavo, Ivoclar Vivadent, Dentsply, Premier etc.

Sterilization and Disinfection

Stringent infection control protocols are an integral part of QDC’s modus operandi. We were one of the first in the city to implement stringent sterilization and cleanliness procedures. Investing in the latest, recommended sterilization equipment and training of staff in the same is a policy matter.

Vacuum autoclaving (kavo dental clave – Germany) of all hand instruments in sterilization indicator pouches, which is opened in front of each patient.
Change of hand pieces and scaler tips after each patient followed by autoclaving (instrument used for drilling and cleaning teeth).
Steam sterilization of delicate instruments.
SUV disinfection of the clinic, daily, after office hours.
Glass bead sterilizer as adjunct in endodontic procedures.
Surface disinfection of the operatory by Gluteraldehyde solution after each patient.
Use of disposables wherever possible including polishing cups and brushes.
Periodic evaluation of the process by accreditation authorities helps us to maintain the highest standards in this regard.